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Personal Interests - In Case You Were Wondering

My Personal Interests

This is a page for me to put information about my passions. I am the sort of person that, when I becaome interested in something, it swollows up all my free time. This page will be a listing of current and past passions, and more general intersts.

I first discovered fanlistings while atending high school. They are a compact and elegant way to tell stie visitors what I am interestd in. Please note that this page is not a complete list of all my past and present passions. Some things just don't have fanlistings for them. Also, order is roughly alphabetical.

Without further ado...

Series - Japanese Animation, Novel, Webcomic, Video Games, etc.

Animal Crossing - peaceful small town life - video game Avatar: The Last Airbender - element manipulating and world saving adventure - American cartoon Baccano - a nonlinear tale of immortal gansters on a train in the 1930s - Japanese anime Dragoball series - fighting, searching for wishes, and saving the earth - Japanese anime Death Note - masterminds butting heads and monsters that love apples - Japanese anime DN Angel - phantom theaves, family curses, and artwork magic - Japanese anime Fruits Basket - family curse, a pure hearted maiden, and the Chinese Zodiac - Japanese comic Harvest Moon - farming, family building, cute animals - Video Game series Heralds of Valdimar - magic horses, minor psychic powers, and returning classical magic - book series Hetalia - personified nations and their hijinks - Japanese anime xxxHolic - a spazzy young man, paying for wishes, and creepy spirits - Japanese anime Kino's Journey - a girl and her talking motorbike on an indefinate journey through flawed but beautiful lands - Japanese anime Naruto - a young, late blooming ninja strives to become head of his village - Japanese anime Rune Factory - farming, monster taming and fighting, and wooing local singles in a small, quirky town - video game series Saiyuki - a retelling of the Journey To The West folktale with good looking guys and lots of angst - Japanese anime Digimon Tamers - suprisingly gritty tale of kids and their digital monster friends dealing with life and trying to save the world - Japanese anime Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - class division, cliamate change, and monster collection in a sequal to a much beloved game - video game xkcd - computer programming humor, math jokes, and science ficiton love - webcomic Yu-Gi-Oh! - melodramatic, high stakes children's card games - Japanese anime

Romantic Character Relationships

Ban and Ginji of Get Backers Doumeki and Watanuki of xxxHolic Naruto and Gaara of Naruto Gohan and Videl of Dragonball Z Gojyo and Hakkai of Saiyuki Kakashi and Iruka of Naruto Kakashi and Obito of Naruto Kyou and Tohru of Fruits Basket Naruto and Hinata of Naruto Sanzo and Goku of Saiyuki Satoshi and Daisuke of DN Angel Priest Seto and Kisara of Yu-Gi-Oh! Sokka and Suki of Avatar: the Last Airbender Yoite and Miharu of Nabari no Ou


Gaara of Naruto Ginko of Mushishi Greece of Hetalia Grimmjow of Bleach Richter of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Ryou Bakura of Yu-Gi-Oh! Uliquorra of Bleach Yoite of Nabari no Ou


19 Sai by Suga Shikao - also an opening song for the xxxHolic anime An absolutely amazing song by Queen. An extremely fitting song for the first opening of the second Naruto anime series. The thematically fitting theme song to the Hetalia anime series. A beautiful song by Simon and Garfunkel.

Internet and Game Consols

Having jointed so many, how could I not list myself as a fan of fanlistings? Cute cat pictures with funny captions.  Delightful! My current favorite game system. I have many fond memories of playing with my family on the Wii.


I couldn't think of another category to put these in....

I had lots of fun on this site. I love hand fans! They're so much fun~. A very fun and informative site. Libraries are awesome places. Ah New England, my home. A favortie author of mine. His work on the Dragonball series is amazing. She draws such handsome men!